Overseas Vocational Training Association

Consulting Services and Assistance with Problem-solving

Whether in Japan or abroad, turn to our experienced OVTA advisers for honest advice.

Consulting services provided by OVTA advisers

When Japanese companies need advice about their overseas operations, we put them in contact with the right person by consulting our registry of OVTA advisers who have extensive careers working overseas or possess a knowledge of specialized techniques and skills built up over many years of practical experience. Whether you are in Japan or abroad, these advisers can travel to you to provide advice on problems and assistance on finding solutions.

Seminars and training support in Japan

In cities throughout Japan, OVTA holds seminars devoted to the subject of HRD required for global age.
OVTA advisers are also available to serve as resource persons for in-company seminars and training courses (they can come to you if needed). If you are planning a training program for foreign employees, ask us about running it for you in English, Chinese, or whatever language you require.

International Cooperation Department
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 OVTA-Seven Areas of Activity
  1. Development of Staff Abilities for Globalization
  2. Consulting Services and Assistance with Problem-solving
  3. Training for Foreigners
  4. Dissemination of HRD Information
  5. Be a partner with OVTA.
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