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Development of Staff Abilities for Globalization

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In Japan

HRD program for Globalization

This program is designed for employees who are going to be either dispatched abroad themselves or providing them with support from Japan. Courses are available for general conditions in countries of assignment, cross-cultural communication, business know-how (accounting, tax and legal issues, corporate administration), instruction method and presentation skills; select the courses right for your particular requirements.

Ask us about organizing your employee

training program.
OVTA will, in accordance with your requirements -- program objectives, number of trainees, schedule, and budget -- coordinate and run the program.

Project Department
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Overseas seminars

Seminars are offered on the various challenges faced by Japanese firms operating overseas, especially in the Asia region.
Presentations in specific subjects are given by experts from both Japan and the country where the seminar takes place. Besides providing information, seminars may also, at a company's request, be designed for exchanging views on such issues as personnel administration, skill development, and HRD among the local workforce.

International Cooperation Department
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